The Flash Point?


Have you ever wondered what it would look like for a man to run at the speed of light? 

Ezra Miller’s “Flash” can do just that. His new teaser trailer gives us a glimpse of his concurring role as the DCU’s Flash. 

Who is the Flash? The Flash is a man who can move at super-fast speeds and wears red spandex. He first debuted in January 1940, and he was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert, under DC comics. In the fictional comics, he has stopped villains and saved his city, Central City. Now with Millers’ debut in 2017 in Joss Whedon’s “Justice League” and Zack Snyder’s “Justice League”  2021, he has become a fan favorite.  The release date for the new movie is soon to be announced. Considering the movie is under production, we can expect it to be released in November 2022.

This movie has a lot of people hyped, comic book nerds especially, considering this is the first Flash stand-alone movie ever. Not only are people excited about the upcoming movies, but a familiar face is also coming back into the DCU. Michael Keaton is making a return as Batman, and this has fans excited to see an iconic face returning. Givenchy Warren, a fan, stated that he is very excited for the movie: “I am excited for this movie because I love superhero movies and Flash was one of my favorite superheroes as a kid. The lack of detail in the trailer makes me want to watch it.” The trailer’s lack of plot content does make fans want more. Some people speculate that the movie’s plot point will revolve around a popular Flash comic book storyline from 2011 by Geoff Johns. In the plot, Flash (Barry Allen) runs black in time to prevent his mother’s death. This causes the whole universe to shift thus creating the “Flash Point.” For example, since his mother’s death is prevented, Batman’s (Bruce Wayne’s) parents never die in the crime alley, and instead Bruce Wayne dies in Crime Alley. Since everything is shifted, The Flash loses his powers, never becoming the Flash. He tries to figure out a way to gain them back and stop himself from preventing his mom’s death to reset the timeline. 

Others suggest Barry Allen might not even be the main Flash, but Jay Garrick might make an appearance.

Who knows for sure? We still have plenty of time to debate about different theories.