Children Change the Minds of Parents About Climate Change


Shelby West, Writer

For years, the problem of climate change has been growing worldwide, but society as a whole has done little in the way of preventing it. Despite the dangers of climate change, the world continues to live lifestyles full of burning fossil fuels, using large amounts of energy, wasting food, and disposing of tons of garbage every day.

However, children and teenagers around the globe have decided to fight for change. Teenagers from high schools across the states have protested the lack of climate change prevention legislation, often skipping school on Fridays to do so. This movement was sparked by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg in Sweden, who has protested in front of the Swedish parliament and the United Nations for action against climate change.

Global Citizen says that children and teenagers are more concerned with the adverse effects of climate change because they are the ones that are going to have to grow up with the changing Earth. Unfortunately, adults are more likely to be less concerned. That is why it is essential for their children to teach them about the relevance of curbing the effects of climate change.

The Los Angeles Times reveals the impact children have on their parent’s views on climate change. However, they claim, children are unlikely to be passionate about the issue if they do not receive hands-on experience on the importance of climate change in their schools. When schools are eager to inform their students about climate change, the students are more likely to pass the same knowledge and enthusiasm for the cause off to their parents. Parents are more likely to take the movement to heart when it comes from their kids than an indifferent article online.