Why Are Our Vending Machines Soda-Pressing?


Evie Waddell, Contributor

It’s time to address a big problem: the vending machines. Out of a survey of 40 students, 80 percent expressed that they have had some sort of issue with the vending machines. These problems range from drinks getting stuck to money being taken. How can we make our vending machine experience a pleasure rather than a pain?

I sacrificed my time and money to figure this out myself.

My friend and I went all around the school to experiment. We started in the Commons and worked our way to all the vending machines on the first and second floors that are available for student use. Out of all those vending machines, I found only three that worked– the ones beside the band room, lunchroom, and the one past Mr. Runnion’s office. The issues I ran into were many–  getting my money stolen, not taking my money, my drink getting stuck, and so much more. I went up to the office to report my money being stolen and asked if there was anything they could do. They had a list of people who had complained recently about the same thing and told me that I would eventually get my money back. That all happened over a week ago, and I haven’t received my money yet. 

Do I have a solution? I do not, but I now at least know which vending machines are reliable and that you will get your money back eventually. If you decide to use any of them, I wish you the best of luck.