Drowning or Floating in a Flood of Students?


Alex Dyer, Contributor

There’s something missing in the hallways of Bob Jones High School, and it’s personal space. In recent years the student population has increased by around 350-500 students per year in the Madison City district according to AL.com. The Bob Jones population is around 1900. 

Now, some students have noticed this as the hallways get more and more crowded. For example, in a survey, when asked about how the rise in students affects the BJHS experience, most students commented on the cluttered classrooms and hallways. 

However, some students bring up a good point. Noah Corona said, “Gets us more money so I don’t care,” and this is true. The more students, the more fees. Another good point is that more students means “crowded halls but more friends!!” as noted by Renae Graves. Then there are some students who don’t notice it. 

Some teachers have complained about the unruly halls and bathrooms and large classes. Another effect of the large classes is the less one-on-one time with students. This in my opinion is probably the worst effect of the rise in students. 

Some students have some ideas on how to adapt to the rise in students. Some say bigger classrooms and hallways. Others just say to be respectful and mindful of others. We have another wing of the school that will open soon, and hopefully, that will free up some space.

All in all, there are upsides and downsides to the rise in students. The general consensus is that it’s not exactly bad, but it could definitely be better. It’s all boiled down to personal opinion, and I feel we are getting too crowded.