Too Cold in School?


Elena Saorrono, Contributor

With the seasons changing and the weather outside flip-flopping from warm to cool, the students of Bob Jones have been experiencing their own temperature drops inside the school. As of our return from fall break, the school’s temperature has decreased, which has become noticeable throughout the second half of the semester. Recently, many students have been seen wearing extra layers, with the addition of blankets, complaining about the temperature drops in certain classes, and attempting to warm themselves up. A survey given out to some of our Patriots reveals their feelings on the less-than-desirable temperatures in the school.

Many students have been seen bringing in extra jackets and blankets to try to combat the cold conditions, myself included. Sophomore Aubrianna Maxwell stated, “I was so close to having to wear a snowsuit.” Puffy jackets and additional layers seem as though they would be the most agreeable choice among students. Yet, after installing new boilers, students are unsure of what conditions they will face in other classes. Junior Sophie Ingram commentsed “I hate this because it makes it difficult to dress comfortably, and I am always either freezing or hot.” Others feel as though the temperatures are displeasing due to the lack of fashionable clothing, according to Hannah Clemons. “I’m sad because my cool t-shirts are hidden behind hoodies because I’m cold,” is what this freshman stated and I absolutely could not agree more.

As stated before, the boilers were recently fixed, and some classrooms have regulated temperatures. Though, that does not mean that every place in the school feels the same. As mentioned before, some students have varying conditions in their classes. It’s either too hot or too cold. Yet, in other parts of the school, it seems as though it will remain very cold. Sophomore Jackson Clemons claimed, “The cold temperature stinks in the cafeteria.” Areas in the school near exit doors or large windows can cause the temperature to drop inside the building, making it unfavorable for students to work in.

While most seem to strongly oppose the school’s chilly conditions, others believe this is beneficial. Nayeli Smith responded, “I wish it was a bit warmer, but I think the coldness helps keep the students awake.” For the most part, this is true. Some students have been seen trying to concentrate while shivering in their seats, but others don’t. In fact, other students have been seen “hibernating” through their classes. And I won’t lie. I have taken a quick power nap myself. When you dress in comfortable and warm clothing, how could you not rest your eyes?

All in all, winter has arrived and brought its bothersome weather conditions into our school. It may not be the most pleasing of conditions, but after final exams, you’ll be able to stay warm at home. Hopefully, the school’s temperature will be regulated and tolerable when we return from winter break, but until then, stay warm and cozy.