Teen Pregnancy and Awareness


Hallie Parvin, Contributor

What would happen if a Bob Jones student were to unexpectedly become pregnant? Well, I decided to interview one of our counselors here at Bob Jones to see what the outcome would be. First, everything is very situational. It really does depend on the student. However, no student who becomes pregnant will have any punishment, and neither will the father of the child. This isn’t to say that Bob Jones condones this behavior, just that it does happen, and I feel as though we should have more conversations about it.

Secondly, some students who do end up in this situation have a choice. Of course, they can choose to continue their education here at Bob Jones, or they do have the option of RISE Academy. RISE is a student support academy for Bob Jones and James Clemens. If a student chooses to attend RISE, it may make it easier and safer for them and their baby. I was told that a lot of the time, a pregnant student typically does choose to attend someplace else whether it be RISE or some sort of virtual school. 

Now let’s talk about how common all of this is. I was told that in terms of overall students, it isn’t very uncommon. But when it comes to every school year, it is quite common. I was also informed that a student is not required to tell anyone about their pregnancy. If they wish to continue their education at Bob Jones, they are highly encouraged to tell someone like a counselor, but they are in not required to do so.

Now with this being said, I interviewed a mom who was a pregnant teen to see what her experience was like. She wished to remain anonymous. She stated, “I had an incredible support system of family and friends who always made me feel accepted…my daughter was one of the best gifts I could ever receive.” Her statement shows how important it is to have support and to have people who care about you when going through such difficult times. It shows why it is so necessary for young parents to not have to feel like an outcast or feel ashamed while in such a difficult position. 

I think it’s wonderful that at Bob Jones we continue to support pregnant students’ education. However, I do think that we should talk about it more. I think a lot of people who get pregnant young, especially those who become pregnant while still in school, feel ashamed or embarrassed by it. I think we should spread that if you end up in this situation, that it’s okay, and you and your education are supported by Bob Jones.

Along with this, I think we should have improved sex safety talks at Bob Jones, discussions that don’t focus on solely on abstinence, but talks that focus on the importance of consent, the possible consequences of having sex, and also teach everyone about the different ways to prevent STDs and/or pregnancy. These talks should not be shaming students but simply educating them. Everyone can always get more educated on how to be safe and responsible when it comes to sex and the use of contraceptives. I think these talks and spreading awareness would greatly affect our students and overall youth.  

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