Tucker Is Out: An Ode to Tucker Carlson

Baraka Busambwa, Contributor

Fox News is one of the major news networks in the U.S. Like the others, they have a lot of viewers. Many tune in to the news station to learn the news and hear the opinions of the news anchors. One of the most popular and polarizing of them, and possibly of all time, is Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson started his career as a fact checker for journalism. He then switched up his career and started writing journalism. He then climbed up the ranks through his writing and opinions. He finally got the opportunity for national television on CNN. However, because of a falling out on live TV, he and CNN parted ways. From 2004 to 2008, he kept bouncing around television news until he found his home for 14 years, Fox News. In 2016, his loyalty and hard work were rewarded by his own show “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Tucker Carlson was a polarizing figure for many reasons. One of them was how he delivered his strong opinions. Although many people think he’s playing a character on TV, the way he got across his message was through his aggression. Tucker Carlson would sometimes go on rants about these subjects that he felt strongly about. His opinions are another issue, ranging from something as silly as his strange attraction to M&Ms to as serious as his quote about Iraqis. Tucker Carlson always had strong and extreme opinions; some of which were harmful misinformation. He catered to one demographic and stayed with it, even if what got him so popular, possibly became his downfall.

There were two things that potentially caused Tucker Carlson’s downfall. One of them was the impending lawsuits against Fox. On one show, Tucker Carlson made defaming claims about Dominion’s voting system. Dominion hit them with a lawsuit for $787.5 million. In the past, they were able to get away with Tucker Carlon’s antics as Fox News themselves said that viewers should not expect facts from them. This time, they could not win with that defense and they were about to get hit with more. This could be a possible reason they mailed the pink slip to Tucker Carlson. Another possibility is the texts he sent to his producer about a fight between an ANTIFA member and three white nationalists before the January 6th insurrection. In this message, Tucker Carlson describes his mixed emotions about how they were beating up the ANTIFA member with the quote “This isn’t how white men fight.” Fox News reporters reportedly got alerted by this heartwarming message and descended the metaphorical guillotine on his Fox News’ tenure.

For better or for worse, Tucker Carlson is no longer a Fox News anchor. I created a poll of people’s opinions on this, and I’ve collected them into a short video.