Pumpkin Decorating Contest and Pumpkin Chunkin’

Mrs.Panagoss class works in small group on their pumpkins

Mrs.Panagos’s class works in small group on their pumpkins

Chenoa Gentle and Alice Choup, Writer

Mrs. Husky, one of our librarians, teamed up with Mr. Raper and his engineering class for his year’s annual pumpkin decorating contest.

Mrs. Husky has been doing the pumpkin-decorating contest for four years, including 2015, and decided to incorporate a new element. Mrs. Husky wanted to do something fun for autumn and the Halloween season, along with the pumpkin-decorating contest. She reached out to Mr. Raper and asked him if there was some way that his engineering class could build a catapult for the decorated pumpkins to be launched. Mr. Raper agreed and immediately began working with his students. They started with a rough sketch of a catapult. As the class progressed from the original sketch, the giant catapult transformed to more of a giant slingshot.

To include as many people as possible, Mrs. Husky typically chooses different fine arts class and lets students enter the competition. This year, Mrs. Panagos’s creative writing classes made and decorated pumpkins. The pumpkins need to be based off of literary character. This includes characters from famous movies that were adopted from books. Some examples are T.V. shows and series like Dr. Who and movies like Sleeping Beauty.

Mrs. Husky promoted the contest with the new Media Cast T.V.’s that are located all through out the school.  You can also see the results of the smashed pumpkins on those TVs.

We asked Mrs. Husky about her favorite pumpkins from past years and she said that a pumpkin that stood out to her was a Harry Potter pumpkin where Harry was flying out of the pumpkin. Another pumpkin that Mrs. Husky enjoyed was one made by Mrs. Murray, an English teacher. She used Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games series as her character.

This year Dalia Altubuh won the contest with a Peter Parker pumpkin, complete with a detachable SpiderMan mask.