DramaFest: The Sister’s Gift

Aubrey Anne Richards, Writer

DramaFest is an event where our award-winning theatre students show off their talent and hard work, and it’s the much anticipated premiere of the annual competition one-act. The event is this Tuesday, October 29th at 6:30 p.m., and the cost to get in is $5. 

Mr. Craft, and Mrs. Davis, along with the Patriot Players, are putting on a show about a coffin maker named Titus Daniels in the 1950s who tries to care for his special needs sister, Leti. A few women in town have a different idea. They try to put her in the asylum, but Leti has something up her sleeve. Titus is played by Caleb Curles, Leti by Claire Norris, and Mary Louise an old love of Titus’s is played by Addison McAbee. The Student Directors are Maggie Brown and McKinley Turney. 

The Individual and Duet performances will take place first before the main show “The Sister’s Gift.” These performances will be spread throughout the school in rooms like the AV and Drama Room. A program will be provided at the door so you can find the location of each performance.

Come out and support your Patriot Players!