HoCo Parade 2022!

Emma Rettie, Writer

This year’s Homecoming parade was held on Thursday, September 8th at 5:30 pm. What was the most exciting part of the parade? The floats! As well as the Band and ROTC, of course.

We asked two freshmen, Abby Birch and Gracie Cottingham, how they felt about the parade. “We love to see all of the floats that the students worked so hard on finally get shown off! We are excited to see the parade!”

During our interviews, we found out there were mixed opinions on the event. Lexi Rettie, a senior, said, “The parade is boring, unless you’re a child. Then it’s fun to stand outside and try to catch candy.” 

Because of these different opinions, we asked, “Why do some people find this an enjoyable thing, and why do others not?” Most students were not fans of the inconvenience of certain roads being shut down, especially those who have places during the time frame of the event. Others didn’t find it fun to stand in the humidity and hot weather. But these fun and colorful floats, trucks and trailers full of athletes, and cars carrying our HoCo court are something that even the most jaded of us used to enjoy. Almost all of us can remember being excited about the candy. 

So whether you are on the float, helped build the float, or just watched them drive by, we hoped you thought back to the memories of your younger self and the excitement that you felt watching the floats, grabbing the candy, and waving to all your role models as the parade drifted by.