A Choir Concert as Sweet as Cake

A Choir Concert as Sweet as Cake

Alex Dyer, Contributor

On September 29th at 7:00 PM, the Bob Jones Choir had a “Coffee and Cake” concert under the direction of Mr. Randall Fields.

It was a fundraiser for the choir.  The students brought in baked goods, ranging from cupcakes to brownies and cookies. There were also some fruit platters, but in all honesty, we all wanted the sweets.

The choir themselves did an amazing job singing and that paired with an outstanding lineup of songs from all types of genres made for a fantastic night. There were plenty of solos with great singers. There were also plenty of songs from musicals and movies like Princess and The Frog, High School Musical and Moana. There were also some opera performances as well. There was also some choreographed dancing to the song Celebration.  At the end, Bob Jones choir alumni were nice enough to come and get on stage and join in on singing the Alma Mater with the current choir.

The choir did their school proud with their singing and baking. Plenty of family and friends came to spectate the students’ performance. My personal favorite song was “Almost There” from Princess and The Frog. My personal favorite dessert after the show were the brownies. The only questionable thing was the hour at which they served coffee.