Drill Team Places at Hazel Green

Cadet Captain Jackson Crider, Contributor

This past weekend, December 3rd, the Bob Jones Air Force JROTC award-winning Drill Team competed at Hazel Green High School. The team traveled there and prepared for a grueling day of precise and complicated performances that require them to be on a point so fine that most teams are unable to maintain it. Not the Bob Jones team, who has dazzled judges and placed at or near the top for many years.

The hosts held an opening ceremony, then it was off to the races. The team had a lot on their plate, with eight different events to compete in. This would be the breaking point of any lesser team, especially since the Bob Jones team boasts such a large contingent of first-time drill members. The Drill Team placed in seven of the eight events, including one of the most impressive with the first-year drill members. The first-year drillers or “New Cadet Squad” was commanded by freshman Theron Cornelius and placed third in their event. Armed Flight also finished in an outstanding third place and was commanded by junior Lucy Halter. Armed Color Guard commanded by junior Laiken Justice finished in second place. The teams that placed first were: Unarmed Color Guard commanded by senior Audrey Groger, Inspection commanded once again by Lucy Halter, Unarmed Flight also commanded by Audrey Groger, and Armed Squad commanded by junior Cate Curry. The judges awarded Bob Jones the winner of the Unarmed Category. The team also had another moment of triumph when Junior Neil Di Gennaro placed third in the Knockout Competition.

The team returned with trophies galore and a more experience under their belt as they prepare to showcase their talent at JROTC Nationals for the fourth year in a row in May of 2023.