Elite Knights Volunteer “In the Butterfly Garden”

Elite Knights Volunteer “In the Butterfly Garden”

Kuan He, Contributor

The Kitty Hawk Air Society (KHAS) is dedicated to academic excellence, leadership development, and serving their local communities. Recently,Bob Jones High School KHAS members, the Elite Knights, volunteered their time and efforts to help out with the garden at Horizon Elementary School.

After school hours, the KHAS members arrived at Horizon Elementary School and met with the school’s staff to learn about the work that needed to be done in the garden. The garden, known as the “Butterfly Garden,” was in need of some maintenance work.

The KHAS members quickly got to work, dividing themselves into teams and taking on various tasks. They spent time removing weeds that had grown in the garden since the COVID-19 pandemic began and reorganizing the positions of the rocks that outlined the garden, giving it a more natural look.

In addition to the weeding and rock repositioning, the KHAS members helped with the removal of debris. They took great care in their work to enhance the garden’s appearance.

Although the students did not come outside during their volunteering time, the KHAS members were proud to have made a positive impact on the school’s garden. By volunteering their time, the KHAS members demonstrated their commitment to service before self, one of the Air Force’s core values. The KHAS members also showed their dedication to excellence in all they do by taking great care in their work to enhance the garden’s appearance.

At the end of the day, the KHAS members left Horizon Elementary School, proud of the positive impact they made in their community. They made a significant difference in the renovation of the Butterfly Garden, which will benefit the school’s students and staff.

The KHAS members who volunteered their time to help out at Horizon Elementary School’s Butterfly Garden displayed their commitment to the Air Force’s core values. Through their dedication to excellence and service before self, they made a significant impact on their local community.